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Sep. 9th, 2005 04:50 pm
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We returned from the battle, many bruised and broken, and everything was apparently clear to all save myself.

It was over. It had ended. My brothers were avenged and so I was no longer needed in this place, with these mortals.

It was an unsettling feeling, one I had thought was long gone, never to return... yet I understood at the same time that Willow had helped change that... change me. I was no longer a God-King trapped in a world I did not understand -- I was now Illyria, trapped in a world I comprehended all too well.

My journey felt incomplete, yet how could that be true? Wesley was no longer my guide, and even as I had spoken to him previously, urged him to see the truth of himself, I do not believe he understood... or if he did, perhaps he did not care.

He had fought bravely in battle, and now we returned to what was my temporary "home" while we had sought Cain. Willow left me alone with Spike, the shop, and ice cream. Wesley informed me he would return upon confirmation that his "wife" was no longer his "wife" -- something I still did not understand since the Slayer had glanced repeatedly toward the witch.

My hands floated over the items in the store and I felt more lost now than before. My task was complete. I could return to my search, the one I had begun since my mistaken knowledge of Wesley's death... perhaps China or some other land would call to me once more...

Yet I felt nothing... I felt nothing.

Had Cain's death destroyed my own purpose to live as well?

((Open to Wesley))
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