((Pre-write for [livejournal.com profile] rippers_game)) Illy's Death

Mar. 11th, 2005 07:38 pm
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Blood covered my hands.

It had been done. It had been draining. Willow was about... somewhere. Where? I was lying upon the battleground, broken and humiliated as I had been before by Hamilton.

Yet this time, there would be no vengeance for me, for my vengeance had been found. My brothers, who had slept so peacefully for eons in the Deeper Well, could rest at last. As Cain had drained them of their energies, so had we defeated him, depleted him of his.

I coughed once... twice. My eyes became heavy with what felt like sleep. It was then that I realized I was resting upon the ground, my body numb to everything. No songs or dances could be found upon the wind, no waves of energy shifted toward me.


Where was Willow? Where was...

"Wesley," I spoke, seeing him approach me. I was humbled before him, yet for once it did not matter. There was something within his eyes as he stared at me, and I could not place it. Pity? Fear that he would finally lose the only thing left that reminded him of his lost love?

"Cain is dead. I have... completed my quest at last." My quest for vengeance, true, but I was uncertain of my other one - to understand. To seek. To find.

I attempted to stand, but found I could not move, save my arms slightly. My left hand rose toward him, my eyes locked to his. "I shall be dead in minutes." I pondered my next words carefully.

"Do not... leave me. Yet. I stayed with you after Vail... stay."

((Open to Wesley))
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