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Mar. 8th, 2005 10:43 pm
not_the_shell: (stargirl1785 - flame/anger)
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I was simply watching the store for Willow while she slept. It was unusually quiet, the waves of energy I normally felt were silent. Walking about as Fred, examining the various objects within the store suddenly the screams within my mind were loud - far too loud.

I spun to the door and saw a few mortals approaching. Dressed in black, the vermin attempted to crash through the door but I opened it quickly before they could break anything.

Nothing of Willow's would ever be broken again.

They held puny weapons, waving them about as if I should be terrified of them somehow. I simply watched as they then attempted to brush past me into the store. My form shifted immediately as I turned to catch the first of them.

I counted six altogether. They were defeated within less than a minute... I was kind. They were left alive.

"Who are you? Why do you wish harm upon Willow?" I asked the first I had caught, his consciousness slipping quickly from his bloody form. I shook him roughly a few times. "Do not fade from me, mortal, you will speak!!!"

His eyes blinked open and shut... open and shut... one word whispered from his lips before he was lost to me and I dropped his still form - alive, but useless to me now - to the floor in disgust.

Looking about the shop, I was thankful that it had been I and not Willow here when the intruders had arrived. Willow kept that dark part of herself hidden, yet it was too soon for me to do the same. I embraced it if needed... and it had been needed today. Her anger might have been great, but not as great as my ruthlessness.

I dragged the bodies out of the store and deposited them unceremoniously into a nearby alleyway.

Are you proud, Wesley? They live. They live, just as Faith and Lilah do.

Resuming Fred's shape, I returned to the store and cleaned everything so it would appear nothing had occurred when Willow joined me later. Perhaps I would tell her, perhaps not. Did it truly matter? I was angry, but unsurprised - just as she would be.

The one word whispered to me was, after all, "Cain..."
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