Jul. 7th, 2005

not_the_shell: (dark_wesley - illy as fred)
I touched the mirror before me so many times, I had finally lost count. My voice was the same, my thoughts were the same, but... the witch had accomplished it. The feat that I had thought no one could do -- now, that was an untruth. I had known always that a simple spell would suffice, and yet the one she had performed had not been simple at all.


I had called for her, yet she had not answered me. Was she gone, sleeping perchance? Had she been the one who had perished and not I? Closing my eyes - now brown - I attempted to sense her energy, yet I could find only the green waves that had filled both myself and the witch previously.

If Fred was here, she was dormant, no longer speaking to me in my mind.

Beginning Anew )

Fred no longer answered me, and so I reached out, seeking the one who could tell me. The witch had done her part, and for that I would be forever... thankful. Yes, that was the emotion there... and yet something that pulled within my heart and screamed so loudly that the stars themselves died brought my feet ever closer to the room I shared with Wesley.

I opened the door and looked inside, unsurprised to find him asleep and quite drunk once again. As the door closed behind me, I locked it so that we might speak. So that I might tell him of the mortal tears and blood I had shed... but as always, only one word escaped my lips when I found him.


((Open to Wesley))

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