May. 1st, 2005

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((Cont from HERE))

I walked away from the building, the seemingly endless meetings coming to an end for now. I was satisfied with... certain aspects after speaking to the one known as Hamilton. My business with them was, certainly, far from over, yet...

I had nowhere to go.

I could not stay there, within the confines of that space that held memories that lingered no matter how many times I wished them gone, yet, how could I return to the hotel? Filled with anger, distrust... the vampires, the mortals...

How could they even believe that I would commit murder before their own eyes? I was not foolish enough to do so... had Gunn angered me? Yes. But enough to kill him? Certainly not in the manner in which I had found the body.

Yet, how simple it had been for them all to assume.

I wandered the streets of this place that Fred had called home, that I had taken as my own, and felt like a stranger within it. Where could I go? What should I do now? Nothing made any semblance of sense...

I wished my powers returned to me so that I might be Illyria once more. Yet while I wait for them...

Who am I?

((Open to Faith))

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